Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Heading to Cleveland

“Let the little ones come to me…” Matthew 19:14

Somara Aries McDonald was born on June 4, 2009. Just 3 months later she was admitted into the hospital with meningitis. Little did we know that this was the first of many battles we would face. At the young age of 2 ½ Somara has been admitted into the hospital 13 times and undergone 7 surgeries. These procedures included feeding tubes, “IV” ports to provide medication, and the administration of anesthesia 18 times in her young life. Somara has been diagnosed with DiGeorge Syndrome, a rare chromosome deficiency that has significant negative effects on the immune system and acts as a stimulus to many other medical issues.

It is not unusual for a child with DiGeorge to be born with a heart defect. In Somara's case, the main blood vessel connected to her heart is tangled with her esophagus and trachea. Throughout the past year the doctors, within reasonable traveling distance, have exhausted every possible treatment they are capable of performing. Somara's only option is complete reconstruction of the blood vessel leading to her heart, esophagus, and trachea. The time has come for Somara to have this procedure and we as servants must trust God to make it possible. There are only two doctors in the country capable of performing this complex procedure.

Somara is scheduled to undergo surgery on December 6 in Cleveland, Ohio. Due to the short notice of the surgery, little time has been left to find funding for transportation, food, and lodging necessary for her parents to assure Somara receives the medical attention she desperately needs.

Please consider making a financial contribution to secure the future of this precious child.
We are estimating that they will need roughly $3000. Though this amount seems unreachable to the family at this time, given the daily expenses of raising a special needs child, I believe God is capable of moving mountains with the faith of a tiny mustard seed.

I am asking that above all you pray for my beloved niece. Prayer is first and foremost the essential element of Somara's recovery and this request.

If you would like to make a financial contribution please send a check to Beth McDonald at the following address or click on the PayPal button below:

404 Arbor Glen Court, Fort Worth, TX, 76140

Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

Miranda Ward
817 713 2324

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